2017 Annual Sewing Challenge

Felt! The ASG Houston Chapter-wide sewing challenge for 2017 is to make something out of felt.  Buy wool felt, buy polyester craft felt, or make your own.  Just make it mostly out of felt.  There are three categories and prizes will be awarded in each:

Garments and accessories.  If you can wear it, it belongs in the category:  skirts, jackets, hats, decorative pins, other jewelry, belts, or anything else you can wear. 

Holiday.  We often make holiday-related items out of felt.  Think Christmas tree skirts, felt Christmas tree ornaments, stuffed felt pumpkins for Halloween, Easter egg baskets, Hanukkah decorations, or anything related to a holiday of any religion or national holiday.

Household.  Decorative or practical as long as it is not related to a holiday.  Table runners, toaster covers, coasters, or non-holiday decorations of any kind.


Any questions about this challenge should be sent to Leta Smith (Neighborhood Group Coordinator and Treasurer, letaksmith@me.com)


Happy felting!

Updated October 17, 2017