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The Houston Chapter is proud to support our community through sewing. We participate in Houston-based projects as well as the American Sewing Guild’s national community service project.

2018 Houston ASG Community Service Projects

The Community Service Project for 2018 is You Pick a project. We have been contacted by several groups need help with projects. They are listed here for members and Neighborhood Groups to decide what is best for them.

UT Cizik School of Nursing

ASG Houston has been asked to help the UT Cizik School of Nursing with a new course, The Power of Nursing: Embracing the Healer’s Art. The request to ASG is to make “Feely Hearts.”  The program is a national curriculum that helps nurses understand the true meaning of their work. Students are asked to share personal stories and take one of the donated “Feely Hearts”. Students carry the heart with them as a reminder to hold their own hearts and the hearts of their patients and colleagues tenderly.

At least 60 are needed by February 15.  Any fabric can be used, but colorful polar fleece has been the most popular. For ASG members, this is a great way to use up fleece scraps!  The finished hearts are about 2-3 inches, so can easily fit in a lab coat or scrub pocket.

Contact: Dr. Susan Cooley

Course Director at UTSON


More information

Instructions for making hearts:

1.      Cut a heart out of cardboard.

2.      Trace two hearts on felt, felt, fleece or other soft fabric.

3.      Sew the edges together BUT leave one side open.

4.      Stuff the heart with cotton or other fuzzy material.

5.      Close up the end.

Sewing Instruction/Special Lecturer/Guest at Humble High School

A Fashion Marketing teacher at Humble High School is looking for guest sewing instructors to teach basic sewing techniques and theory to help students who are interested in fashion Design as a career. Several students are very interested in some “hands on” learning.

Please contact Jermaine Goodwin directly at 314-482-4855, jgoodwi@

Seasons Hospice & Palliative Care—Volunteers to sew Teddy Bears for the families of deceased patients. 

We provide up to three bears to the families we serve. This program is funded through donations to the Seasons Hospice Foundation so all materials used to make the bears will be covered.

You will first be asked to complete the Volunteer Profile and Confidentiality form and return them to Janie Bennett. You are provided with material to make one bear initially so we both learn if you are comfortable using the pattern and completing the project. Please use your creativity to bring the bear to life! When you complete your initial bear, Janie Bennett will provide you with instructions for how to return it postage paid. All supplies will be provided. Work at your own pace and schedule.

Please contact Janie Bennett, Volunteer Services Coordinator, directly at 281-847-6309 (office), 346-244-3303 (cell), (email).

Seasons Hospice & Palliative Care
10318 Lake Rd. Bldg. C, Suite

Houston, TX 77070


Harbor Hospice of Richmond—Creating Lap Blankets and Small Pillows for patients.

We are a Hospice company that has a very small volunteer team but are always looking for others to join or help participate. We provide company and smiles to our patients and their families for these hard times they are undergoing.

Hospice is a very delicate care that patients receive at their commodity, which could be at home, personal care home, or hospital. Please contact Daniela Rivera directly for more information about the many ways to participate. Thank you!

Daniela Rivera
Volunteer Coordinator

Harbor Hospice of Richmond Houston
12808 W. Airport Blvd. Suite 335
Sugarland, TX 77478
Phone: 281-762-0444 Fax: 281-762-7024


2017 Houston ASG Community Service Project

The 2017 Houston Chapter Community Service Project is "Gwen's Girls" in memory of one of our charter members. Gwen was very passionate about this project so members are asked to make "pillowcase dresses" for the Little Dresses for Africa project. You may find more information about the Little Dresses project on this website, Little Dresses for Africa.

2016 Houston ASG Community Service Project

The Houston Chapter's Community Service project for 2016 is a drawstring bag and pillowcase set to be given to local Women's Shelters. You may click here for the instructions for the pillowcase and drawstring bag.

2015 Houston ASG Community Service Project

The Houston Chapter’s Community Service project for 2015 is Care Wear. Click here to go to the Care Wear website. Care Wear is a nationwide group of volunteers who knit, crochet, and/or sew, providing handmade baby items directly to hospitals.  All Care Wear items are distributed by hospital staff (FREE) to infants, children and their parents. This project allows chapter members and Neighborhood Groups to choose which items to make and then donate to local hospitals. Members can find patterns, instructions, and labels on the Care Wear website for quilts and blankets, kimonos, baby gowns, and many other items needed in hospitals for families. In addition, there are patterns for simple stuffed bears and bunnies, chemo hats and walker caddies. A size chart for the blankets and afghans is also included in the pattern area. Print the labels to attach to the donated item. 

2013 National Community Service Project
Teach Another Generation! T.A.G. A project to support the new Junior Membership at special classes to be held during Conference and in youth outreach programs throughout the country. To see the instructions, click here.

2013 Houston ASG Continuing The Blanket Project
The Houston Chapter of the American Sewing Guild is continuing the blanket project from 2012. Each NG will make lap blankets to be given to the VA or hospice patients, or receiving blankets for babies at Lyndon B. Johnson General Hospital. Click here for the PDF with instructions for the blankets.

Past Projects
For more information about these past projects, visit ASG.ORG.

2012 The Blanket Project
The goal of this year’s national community service project was to provide warmth and comfort to those most in need of it. The Blanket Project, which was led by our Houston chapter, included three types of blankets:

  • Lap blankets for hospice patients
  • Lap blankets for veterans (VA hospitals or other veterans service programs)
  • Receiving blankets for babies (indigent families)
Each ASG chapter made blankets for its own community. The Houston chapter partnered with the Harris County Hospital District (Ben Taub and Lyndon B. Johnson General Hospital) to provide lap blankets for their oncology patients. The blankets are a part of the Compassionate Care Project that serves the terminally ill.
View our Community Service project photos
View our Community Service project photos

2011 Painted Turtle Pillows
The 2011 national community service project was the Painted Turtle Pillow. The pillows were sent to the Painted Turtle Camp, which is dedicated to children with life-threatening illnesses.

2011 Cool Ties
In addition to the national project, our chapter worked on a local project making Cool Ties. These ties are strips of fabric with a sealed pocket in the middle that holds polymer crystals. Recipients dip the ties in cold water or chill the soaked ties in the refrigerater, and the water-filled crystals stay cool for hours (when the head and neck are cool, the rest of the body is cool, too). Project leader Nancy Maranto worked with Meals on Wheels to distribute the Cool Ties to Houstonians who lacked air conditioning, giving them some welcome relief from the blistering summer heat.

2010 U.S. Troops Drawstring Bag
The 2010 national community service project was drawstring bags for Operation Care Package, which were filled and mailed to U.S. Troops.

2009 Pillowcases for Ronald McDonald House
The 2009 national community service project was pillowcases for sick children and their families. We made them in children’s prints and bright colors and donated them to local Ronald McDonald Houses.

2008 Anti-Ouch Pouch
The 2008 national community service project was the Anti-Ouch Pouch, a pillow that hangs from the shoulder and fits snugly under the arm to cushion the area after breast surgery or during radiation treatment. It was developed by Deon Maas and is dedicated to her mother, Doris Lock, who taught her to sew.
Updated April 22, 2019